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About Fayette Electric

Fayette Electrical

Fayette Electrical Services, Inc. is an electrical contractor that provides a full range of services in institutional, industrial, and commercial markets. Many of our clients were attracted to us for two reasons: 1) FES offers the experience of a focused approach to projects and 2) our passion to achieve complete customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide customers with the best possible value for their money. Fayette Electrical is customer driven, produces quality work, and offers competitive pricing.

Fayette Electric maintains excellence and knowledge in our company by offering ongoing, detailed training and continuing education to our team members. We have committed ourselves to achieving excellence and higher standards each year, thereby positioning FES closer to the top of the industry.

Building Quality Through Teamwork

Building quality through teamwork is both a philosophy and a set of principles for utilizing all the resources of our company.

Do it right…the first time…every time

We are dedicated to understanding, commitment and meaningful action by every member of Fayette Electrical Service.

Focus on our customers

Our primary goal is to satisfy our customers. Accompanying this primary goal is a primary benefit: by delivering a service that satisfies the first time, every time, costs go down and efficiency goes up.

Continuously improve the system

Each of us is responsible for delivering and receiving services. Our customers include people who buy our service as well as us, as we interact and provide service to each other.

Our Mission

Fayette Electrical electrical contracting firm

Our Need For Building Quality Through Teamwork

Our Missions is to: Consistently provide affordable project quality and performance to our clients. We strive to safely and honestly maintain a rewarding work environment and greater opportunities of growth for our team members. This requires us to clearly understand what our clients (external customers) desire and to meet the needs of our internal customers (team members).

Implementation of Building Quality Thought Teamwork will produce increased involvement, cooperation, and teamwork, thereby increasing output and better meeting our clients’ needs. To understand where we must go, we need to evaluate where we are. “Traditional Management” is where we are today and ‘Quality Teamwork” is where we must go tomorrow.

Fayette Electrical Service, Inc. and Fayette Electric Services are committed to customer satisfaction, service, and bringing your project to completion on time and within your budget. Our future depends on our ability to maintain and build on the foundation that was set for us twenty-seven years ago.

At Fayette Electric, We’re Green Friendly and an Energy Code Contractor

As a nation, we have become dependent upon cheap fossil fuels, in our homes, in our businesses and on our highways. And that is leading slowly, inevitably to higher and higher levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. If that is to change, we need to spur both innovation and investment – we literally need to reinvent our energy infrastructure. Fayette Electrical Service Inc. is focused on integrating ‘Green’ Activities and Green(er) products as a part of our daily operations. Fayette Electrical Service’s comprehensive “Go Green” philosophy is reducing the Corporation’s adverse impact on the environment through activities such as improved energy efficiency and reductions in waste generation and water usage.